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This company is founded by David and Kelsi Palacios. This coffee is the first of many exciting products coming. Two things inspired this coffee to happen. 1. Most diet-related items are either in pill form or done in ways a lot of people don't already partake in daily, such as teas. 2. Who does not love waking up to coffee, and especially caramel-flavored?! This product seemed to be a no brainer to this young couple. Risking it all, they decided to invest everything they had in a product that would be different. They knew first-hand how bad it felt being overweight and spending tons of money on countless products hoping they would help but were just disappointed. They made this coffee to be different from anything else on the market. They wanted something that is not only a fat burner but also suppresses your hunger. They did not stop there. They created a product that not only does that but provides great energy without the high caffeine levels and helps people with joint pain. They are confident people will fall in love with this coffee just as they have.